We use NO growth hormones.
We feed NO genetically modified (GM) feed.
Absolutely NO animal by-products or antibiotics are used in our feed.

All of the chicken we sell is free-range pasture-raised. In addition to the GMO-free grain they are fed, the chickens forage for insects, seeds, and grasses. The varied diet makes for a tastier and healthier chicken.

Field Sparrow Farms is part of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario’s Artisanal Chicken license. Every two weeks during the summer, Millpond Hatchery delivers 300 day-old chicks. We bring them into the brooder, which has wood shavings on the ground for insulation and several feeders and waterers set up all around. We dip their beaks into water, and off they go. Immediately they start pecking at the GMO-free chick starter and drinking some water.

After two weeks, the chicks have acclimatized and need less warmth, so we move them to a portable shelter on the pasture. The shelter is a 13’ x 12’ hoop house (also called a chicken tractor) that provides protection from weather and predators but is easy to move to fresh grass once a day. As the birds get larger they are split into smaller groups to maintain a healthy social dynamic and make sure the feed, forage, and water are shared adequately. The sides on the shelter roll up to allow for adequate ventilation on warm days.

We use a variation of the White Rock that is more suited for pasture, and we process chickens between 7-10 weeks of age at a local abattoir.