the FSF blog

The cattle have been on pasture for over a week, all of our summer markets have started, and we are officially into our fourth season of operation as Field Sparrow Farms. We have a lot of projects underway this year — from participating in research on bobolink nesting, to launching a new meat CSA, to buying a farm of our own (we currently farm on sixty acres of leased land) — and we’re going to try to keep you up to date on all of it.

We started this business because we wanted to produce healthy food in a way that enhances the health of our customers, the landscape, and the animals we share it with. We have enjoyed our experience so far and the people it has brought us into community with: our customers through the markets and the network of wonderful people who help to run them, as well as our friends and neighbours who farm, both here in the Kawartha Lakes and farther afield. We love the life we are building for ourselves and our kids, and we see this blog as an invitation to get to know us and our farm better, to join us on a journey to make a little bit of change in the food system the best way we know how.