Q: What size freezer do you need for your order?

A: Approximately 28 cu. ft of freezer space for a whole beef .
Approximately 14 cu. ft. of freezer space for a half beef or a whole pig.
Approximately 7 cu. ft. of freezer space for a quarter beef or half a pig.

Q: How long will meat last in the freezer and still maintain quality?
A: If you keep your freezer temperature at or below -18 degree Celsius, you can expect your beef to stay quality fresh for up to one year, pork that has not been smoked will last at least 10 months, chicken will last for 6 months, and smoked pork products will last 3 months.

Q: How is it wrapped?
A: The majority of our meat is wrapped in quality freezer paper. We prefer the paper because it’s close contact with the meat prevents freezer burn.

Q: How are your animals treated?

A: Our animals have access to the outdoors (as weather permits), fresh water, and shelter. We use a local provincially-certified abattoir in order to minimize stress from transportation.

Q: What is the difference between a bull, a steer, and a heifer?


  • Bulls are male cattle.
  • Steers are bulls that have been castrated.
  • Heifers are female cattle that have not given birth.
  • Cow are females that have given birth.

Q: Can I just call them cows?
A: Although the technical term is cattle, we call them cows all the time. (Incidentally, there is no singular term for cattle).