logo_fieldsparrowField Sparrow Farms is a family-run business. Henry and Sarah Bakker believe responsible and innovative farming strategies benefit our customers, producers, the community as a whole, and the health of the earth. We are committed to producing premium meats in an ecologically sustainable way and providing our customers with a local alternative to factory-farmed meat.

Protecting habitat for grassland bird species is a main feature of our management practices. Grassland bird species, including the Bobolink, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Harrier, and, of course, the Field Sparrow, are declining significantly due to habitat loss. Bird-friendly agricultural practices, such as rotational grazing, delayed haying, and protecting riparian areas, work to increase usable nesting sites for these species.


Henry grew up on a chicken farm outside of Cambridge, ON. Sarah grew up in the suburbs of Dallas. They met in university. After graduating and getting married, they worked at a theatre in Kitchener, ON for several years. Then, Sarah went back to school for her MA in English. Upon completion, she worked in fundraising and marketing while Henry wrote. In the winter of 2004, they had the opportunity to become partners in an education-based farm in the Kawartha Lakes. It was while working with the rare breed Kerry cattle there that we developed our love of cattle farming and grass-fed beef. In May 2007, our son was born. The following winter, an opportunity came up for us to purchase some certified Angus from one of our Amish neighbours. We couldn’t pass up the chance to develop our dream, and so Field Sparrow Farms was born.

Since 2008, our business has grown along with our family. We have loved attending farmers’ markets and getting to know our customers. If you’d like to hear the latest in our news, please follow us on social media